I was using my NutriBullet and it just stopped!  What could be the problem?

One of the major reasons that your NutriBullet might stop in the middle of blending would be due to over-heating the motor.  We suggest unplugging your powerbase for 24 hours and retrying the next day.


I’ve had my NutriBullet for a while and it’s just not blending the way it used to.  How can I fix this?

This sounds like you may need to replace your extractor blade.  The extractor blades are made of high quality stainless steel but, similar to the best set of knives in your kitchen, they will become dull after extended use.  We recommend replacing your extractor blades periodically which can be found on our website here: http://www.originalnutribullet.com.au/compare-products/


Why are NutriBullets so much cheaper at the specialty home shops at the shopping centre?

There are several different types of NutriBullet counterfeits found in the market and differentiating them from genuine products is impossible to the untrained eye.  The only way to avoid these low quality look-alikes and ensure you have a genuine product is to purchase your NutriBullet from our website or from one of our approved retailers listed here: http://www.originalnutribullet.com.au/in-stores-now/


My NutriBullet motor is no longer engaging when I push the cup down.

One of the most common reasons why your NutriBullet motor doesn't start when you press the cup down is because you're missing one of the plastic tabs that engages the motor.  These sometimes snap off because the motor activators become sticky over time and use and creates undue pressure on one side of the cup which can cause them to crack.  We recommend cleaning your motor base activators periodically with a cotton swab dipped in a warm water and vinegar solution.  Check the outside perimeter of your cup to ensure all three are still intact.  If not, it's time for a new one!  You can find them for purchase here: http://www.originalnutribullet.com.au/compare-products/


Why does my NutriBullet leak?

The major reason that your NutriBullet cup might leak is that the Extractor Blade is not screwed on properly.  Even when you think that it's on straight, it may not be.  A handy trick to ensure it's on correctly is place the extractor blade on the cup and position it until you hear or feel a light 'click'.  Only after experiencing the 'click' do you screw the lid on.  Another reason that your NutriBullet might leak is that your Extractor Blade is missing the gasket seal.  Check the inside perimeter of the Extractor Blade to ensure the gasket seal is properly in place.  Are you missing the gasket seal?  Then it's time to replace it with a new one which can be found here: http://www.originalnutribullet.com.au/compare-products/


Still have a question regarding your NutriBullet?

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