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NutriBullet Balance

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A 9-piece set to meet all your Balance needs.

1200 Watt Power Base with Smart Nutrition Sensor Calculates Real Time Nutritional Info

  • 2 Comfort Lip Rings
  • 2 900mL Colossal Cups 
  • 2 Flip-Top To-Go Lids
  • 1 Stainless Steel Precision Extractor Blade
  • 1 User Guide & ManuaL


*Please ensure a 900mL Colossal cup is being used when following recipes from the NutriBullet Balance app

$279.99 Including GST

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Revolutionary Smart Nutrition Sensor technology connects the NutriBullet Balance and App to calculate real time nutritional info, so you can build the perfect smoothie, based on your tastes, needs and nutritional goals, every time!

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NutriBullet Balance syncs with the Balance App via Bluetooth to send nutritional information to your smart device.

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Build & Blend

NutriBullet Balance automatically tracks nutritional information as ingredients are added to the blender cup.
Press the GO BLEND button on the App and watch the seconds countdown to your perfect NutriBlast smoothie.



Easily track and manage calories, fat, sugar, carbs, protein and more per recipe, day or week


Build the perfect
smoothie every time

Browse through the 100's of step-by-step recipes to create the perfect NutriBlast. From weight loss to heart health to low-glycemic or anti-inflammatory, filter recipes for the personalised nutrition you need to see results.  

Calculates Nutritional Data as You Build Recipes

1200 Watt Power Base with Smart Nutrition Sensor
Calculates Real Time Nutritional Info.

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